Our Story

Our journey began with the purchase of a 60 acre Douglas Fir tree farm in December 2010 from an old retired school teacher, Frank Drummer, a meticulous man of principle. After years of convincing Frank that we were worthy stewards of his beloved timber stand, Carey and I began our master plan.

   We built a small house on a pond in the middle of the woods and on the ridge above our home, on a very small area of the property directly adjacent to Beaux Freres’s Upper Terrace, we planted a 12 acre pinot noir vineyard. Half of the vineyard was planted in the spring of 2012, called the Lavender Block (after the beautiful lavender planted at the row end posts of the block) and the other half in the spring of 2013, the Rosemary Block.

   What distinguishes this vineyard, other then having 17 diverse clones of pinot noir planted very densely, is the forest of Douglas Fir enclosing three sides of the vineyard, which gives this gentle south slope protection from winds and preserves its unique terrior. The virgin marine sediment soils in the vineyard have only been farmed with organic and biodynamic principles in order to preserve the native ground cover.

   Carey's honey bees are thriving in the vineyard, we think for good reason.