2015 Pinot Noir

TWO FOLD  —  For those who enjoy drinking wine but are not involved in the making of it, it may be difficult to appreciate the many rewards of creating wine from the ground up.

   Carey and I have the privilege of being intimately involved in the planting and upbringing of the Sequitur vineyard. We selected vine density, row direction, trellis design and clonal variety. We are able to be totally present during the growing season, from vine pruning in the winter to biodynamic sprays throughout the growing season to leaf canopy management in the summer. We can be active in all aspects of the vineyard’s evolution and make decisions along the way that help create a wine of distinction. This is especially true on a home estate, like Sequitur, where we often take our evening walks and ponder the day to day of our lives.

   With the lower half contributing five additional acres and seven new clones of Pinot Noir for the 2015 “Two Fold” (and a small knoll of Chardonnay), the Sequitur vineyard is now in full production.

   We feel like we have just expanded our playground. Not only do we have a greater number and diversity of clones to work with, but the layout of the vineyard allows the grapes in the upper half to ripen more quickly than in the lower half; the dense forest of firs buffering the lower part of the vineyard protects the vines from late afternoon sun and the late summer drying east winds. This variation in ripening time affords unique winemaking opportunities—for instance, as harvest arrives, we are able to bring the grapes in over an extended period of time which in turn allows the wine grower more time to perfect the vintage.

   Sequitur 2015 Pinot Noir “Two Fold,” a collaboration between our Mother, the earth, those of us who “play” in the vineyard and winery, and you, the wine lover.

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