2014 Pinot Noir

FIRST BORN  —  Sequitur's 2014 Pinot Noir produced an exceptional wine that Carey and I are very proud of.

   There seems to be a strong correlation between a good tomato year and a good grape year. 2014 was both. An early warm spring gave us a very nice flowering that ensured uniform ripeness with good yields. A relatively dry summer with moderate temperatures produced healthy grape skins.

   In September, the right amount of rain at the right time of grape maturity gave the vines the perfect conditions for great healthy thick skinned pinot noir, which in turn produced great wine.

   I believe it reflects ethereal elements beyond logical reasoning. Some descriptors that come to mind are: red fruit, fresh rain in the forest, Douglas Fir trees, lavender, rosemary, and Frank Dummer’s energy. We are confident that this wine, Sequitur 2014, our first-born, will cause you to reflect and ponder life’s forces.

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